5 Tips for the Health of Your Bones

My mom has osteoporosis, so I’m very aware of how important it is to focus on the health of your skeletal system. I’m also super proud of my mother, who consistently works out with weights 3 times a week, as well as keeping up her cardio with swimming, and incorporating yoga with its multitude of benefits.

In the interest of helping you maintain and improve the health of your own bones, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1 – Start Early. Don’t wait until you’re older to focus on bone health. Do it now, no matter what your age. And if you are in your more experienced years, bring a deep respect to your bones by making their health one of your top priorities!

2 – Know that Your Bones are Alive! Often people think of bones as something static. No, they don’t grow like they did when you were a kid, but bones are absolutely living parts of your body. And they’re not just there to give your body a frame and protect organs like your heart and lungs—they also play a vital part in your overall health by producing red blood cells.

3 – Strength Training is Essential. Here’s what happens: when you work your muscles they require more circulation and oxygenated blood rushes in. This circulation also goes to your bones, as the muscles embrace your bones while you’re working them. When you work weight bearing exercises like we do in Yoga Boot Camp, you’re directly cultivating strong, healthy bones.

4 – Eat Yer Greens. Popeye had a thing or two right with his spinach power. Dark green veggies, especially dark green leafy vegetables, are packed with calcium and other minerals that support your overall health as well as specializing in healthy bones. There are so many ways to incorporate these foods into your diet. Other calcium rich foods include flax seed and oil, sesame seeds, tahini, brazil nuts and almonds.

5 – Do Yoga. You better believe yoga does the body good, bones too. Part of this is because many of the poses develop strength, but perhaps some not in the way you might think.

Did you know that balancing poses are excellent for your bones as they require your stabilizing muscles to work differently than many other exercises? And all that stretching not only creates more circulation (which is excellent in its own right) but also keeps all the tissues in your body more supple, so that you have better circulation to your bones.

Yoga also helps your endocrine system, so the glands and hormones are more balanced. This is important as osteoporosis and other concerns with bones often are related to hormone issues such as imbalanced thyroid. These are just a few reasons yoga can contribute to the health of your bones, as well as the rest of your body.

Okay, did you get all those tips?

How many are you already doing?

Did you get any ideas or inspiration from these tips that you’re going to integrate into your life? I hope so!

If you tend to do better with coaching, consider joining us for the Kamloops Yoga Fitness Boot Camp where we have a lot of fun bringing a wide variety of exercises and yoga together. You’ll not only get great support for healthy bones, but for the health of your entire body.

And there are tons of options offered, so whatever your fitness level we can help you find a safe and satisfying practice—whether that means you scale it way back or you want to go full-out!

Okay, one more tip: Love Your Bones. Actually tell your bones you love them. The cells and systems of your body SO appreciate it when you talk to them with kindness and gratitude.

Give it a try right now: just think or say out loud, “I love you bones! Thank you so much for supporting me. I’m so grateful for you!”

Might sound funny, but it’s powerful stuff.


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