All About The Kamloops Yoga Boot Camp Program


Why is it called “Boot Camp?”

Well, we combine a consistent practice (ideally 3 to 5 days a week) with empowering workouts.

The fitness element can be as intense as you want it to be, but ALL levels of fitness are welcome as everything can be modified so you work safely at your own level. We call it Boot Camp because you commit to a set period of time where you dedicate your efforts toward making whatever personal transformation you want in your body and life.

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What’s the schedule again?

Morning Yoga Boot Camp (at Let’s Move Studio in Sahali):

Time: Monday thru Thursday 5:45-6:45am.

  • Mon/Tues/Thurs Boot Camp classes are epic workouts and a yoga cool down,
  • Wednesdays are all yoga.

You can choose to come 3 or 4 days per week to the Morning Yoga Boot Camp. We also have optional group hikes and online community support.

NOTE: The completeness and progressive intensity, as well as the supportive nature of the Morning Yoga Boot Camp is the best way to go if you want to get the full benefits of transformation and the healthy lifestyle this program brings. And remember, it’s open to all fitness levels, so we highly encourage coming to the full camp!

Is it Inside or Outside?

During the winter and colder months we are inside with our rockin’ workouts and oh-so-good yoga practices.

In the Summer and warmer months we are outside whenever weather permits.

How much does it cost?

That depends on the program you choose. Click this link to see the current options for registration: Yoga Boot Camp Pricing

How do I sign up?

Registration is easy, and you can pay online or in person. Just click here to register: Yoga Boot Camp Registration

Is there a nutrition program?

Yes! We provide recommended nutritional plans that help you get the most out of your efforts and are happy to work with you individually to help you find an approach that is right for your body and lifestyle.

Is there a student discount?

Sure is! Here’s the options we offer for students:

– There are a limited amount of Scholarships that include a full 50% off our already discounted Early Bird price in exchange for some volunteer work. This is for ladies who are willing to dedicate themselves to their own personal transformation and to contributing to the positive experience of the program. You have full access to all of the classes with this scholarship.
– A 10% discount can be also applied for any single student towards any of our programs.

To get a student discount applied to your camp, please choose the program you want and then email Katrina to arrange for student discount and payment:

Still have more questions?

Check out our FAQ page, email Katrina at, or call Katrina or Casey at 250-374-6493.

If you’re feeling a little (or a lot) intimidated, read this: Are You Intimidated By Boot Camp?

What do other people say about Yoga Boot Camp?

“Since starting yoga boot camp in the evenings I’ve been receiving comments about how “sparkly and glowing I look”. I feel more alive, full of energy and productive after only 3 weeks of YBC.

I am also stronger and more flexible, I have been re-introduced to muscles I forgot I even had. I go at my own pace and my own pace is perfect! Thanks for offering YBC at a time and place that works for me. 3 days a week is a good fit, pushes the time boundary but is not undo-able.




I feel more in control of my life, more clear headed, super woman! In gratitude.”

– Sandi

“I have participated in 3 sessions of Katrina’s yoga bootcamp. With the passing of every day, waking early each morning became easier and more invigorating.

Because of Katrina’s encouragement, loving nature and skillful knowledge, even the most challenging of exercises were achievable, and yes…even fun! The group of women in class were truly amazing and very encouraging!



I highly recommend yoga bootcamp to anyone who wants to challenge themselves to be the best that they can be – physically, mentally and spiritually.”


– Darlene

“I really love going to the Yoga Boot Camp. I have been attending regularly for one year and have been able to see physical and emotional changes in myself.

When I started, I couldn’t do a push up off my knees or do certain stretches with out blocks or many other exercises. I now can! Katrina is encouraging and honours everyone at whatever level they are at by giving modifications up and down. I feel like I get a well rounded exercise regime that works. The time may seem early but then your workout is done for the day all before work.



I enjoy boot camp so much, that I regard it as my time and I don’t want to miss it!”


– Jody

“Yoga Boot Camp has been such an amazing experience for me, it has not only helped with a physical transformation but also a mental one. There is so much support and love during your classes you can’t help but to excel.

Working out used to be something I’d procrastinate and dread, now boot camp days are my favourite! The positive encouragement in person and through emails keeps you inspired to be healthy at all times. The combination of an intense workout with yoga couldn’t be more perfect. Yoga is the reward for pushing yourself to do your best, and doing the hard work out makes it easier to relax for yoga.



I feel better both inside and out, can’t wait for the next round of boot camp!”


– Leah

“With katrina’s energy, enthusiasm and complete passion for teaching, you become instantly hooked on her classes.


It’s not only a physical transformation, but mental and spiritual. I have been so inspired by the women around me. We have a great time…the tunes are amazing!!!!! Lots of laughing, and grunting, and sweating!!! Best workout I have ever had!!!!!! Thank-you Katrina. You inspire me……….Namaste…… Blessings…”


– Lisah

“I have found the “perfect match” in your classes. I love the challenge to be more than I thought I could be, I love the mix up of your delivery which keeps my interest peeked with the focus of the routine which keeps my motivation high, I love the integration of the key components of aerobic, strength, and stretch, I love greeting the sun each morning and meeting with my comrades each day and you and the bootcamp stimulate my positive day. Namaste.”


– Iris

Thank you so much for always keeping us engaged with ideas for our fitness while we are away or between camps and our nutritional well being. Thank you to Casey as well for sharing the products from the new 90 day challenge program.”


– Sherree Bryan (Morning and Evening Boot Camp)

“Yoga Boot Camp has given me the kick start I needed to change my body. My family say I am much more relaxed and calm. I hope I can continue on this path.”


– C. Bowman

“I appreciate the value of learning how to do Yoga poses correctly and gaining a proper stretch…”


– Wendi

“I have been impressed with how you are able to correct (body position, form etc) without demeaning or discouraging the person who is making the effort.

I feel as though you are looking after us and reminding us someone cares about how we as mom’s, working women, women, aunts, sisters, grandmothers etc are looking after ourselves. My impression has been that you allow us to indulge those few cool down minutes, to relax and be pampered without feeling guilty for taking a little time.



By the way, from a-rank-beginner-never-ever-done-yoga-before-in-my-life, your descriptions of the yoga postitions are spot on, while still using an economy of words. I can almost do exactly as you describe without frantically looking around to see what the heck you’re talking about! At times, I have even taken my glasses off and simply followed your instructions. That is a real talent.”


– Michelle

“This journey has been such an amazing process thus far and I’m so happy to think that sharing my story may help someone else who thinks they can’t do it, because if I can do it anyone can!


Thank you for bringing Yoga Boot Camp into my life by taking a chance on the evening classes! Danica is great and I’m loving the changes I’m already seeing!”


– Nonie

Register today for this unique, inspiring, and empowering WOMEN’S ONLY program. You’ll be glad you did!


Kamloops Photography by Nat Anfield

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