A Story About Arthritis, Yoga, and Fitness

Many people live with arthritis, which can come in many forms and cause varying degrees of discomfort.

Sometimes it brings minor pain, and sometimes it creates such pain that it can disrupt even the most basic things in life.

Carrie Few, co-teacher for Kamloops Yoga Boot Camp, has experienced the full range of pain from Arthritis, even to the point of making it difficult to walk and dress herself, as she shares in this touching video. She also shares how changing her lifestyle and incorporating yoga helped her come back!

Arthritis is a real concern, because if you’re dealing with the pain you don’t want to make it worse. You want relief!

Yoga, and appropriate movement in the way of exercise, can be incredibly helpful if applied in self-honouring, respectful ways.

For some people, starting slow is a very good idea. A private yoga therapy lesson or gentle/restorative yoga classes are ways to ease into a lifestyle change that can bring about more freedom.

One of the reasons yoga and mindful movement can be so helpful for Arthritis relief is because you’re bringing a great deal of circulation into the areas of blockage. This circulation helps to clear tension and pain, and can even lessen the physical calcification in the joints to reverse the Arthritis.

Another reason yoga and mindful practices help is because you find yourself letting go of stress, boosting your immune system, and bringing great benefit to your nervous system so you feel calm and your body has more flow on a physical and energetic level.

Many people with Arthritis can participate in more vigorous practices, such as we do at Kamloops Yoga Boot Camp.

There are always modifications to any exercise or yoga pose, so it’s a matter of being sure you have an instructor who can help you with appropriate options for your body, and listening to your body to know when you need a change.

Whatever your choices are, just be sure that you’re honouring yourself.

In our women’s only program, we remind each other that “100% is always enough,” and that this “100%” changes from day to day, and even moment to moment. You keep checking in with yourself, and practicing discernment so you can give all you’re able without depleting yourself—instead, you are recharged with vitality and a sense of accomplishment that is enormous!


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