Five Tips for Your Chocolate Eating Enjoyment

Okay, we all know this is the weekend for chocolate… Easter and sweets somehow go hand in hand, at least for most people.

If you’re into that sort of thing (chocolate, I mean), here are some tips to help you bring balance and feel good about yourself while you indulge.

5 Tips for Chocolate Enjoyment

1.) Be sure to HYDRATE. Drink lots of water. All morning, all day, all evening. Water helps to flush your system, and keep your metabolism working well.

2.) Be SELECTIVE. Choose high quality chocolate. If the ingredients include “hydrogenated” anything, stay away. That stuff’s not good for you. However, there is a whole world of tasty selections in the organic and dark chocolate categories.

3.) Pause, BREATHE, and check in with your body. Ask yourself, “Have I had enough?” When it comes to the “Food of the Gods,” as chocolate is known, a little goes a long way. If you find that you’ve accidentally had more than enough, refer to tip #1 and #4.

4.) Eat healthy food and GREENS for your meals. Balance your blood sugar with protein and whole foods. Don’t let it spike by eating too much sugar. And, as does happen to the best of us, if you find you over did it and your blood sugar is skyrocketing, chew on some celery or lettuce. They will help tone it down and balance.

5.) ENJOY it! Savour each bite. Don’t do anything else while you’re eating that delicious chocolate, because when your mind is elsewhere, your taste buds can’t be heard in their moment of delight. That actually goes for eating in general: you’re less likely to over eat if you really are present for each bite of food and enjoy the taste, texture, and gift it brings.

Okay, that’s it. Did you learn something that you’ll use on Easter, or any other time you choose to eat chocolate? Maybe even share some of these tips with your family?

Of course, being active to balance the calories and sugar of chocolate goes without saying, right? Perhaps a run before breakfast, or a walk after dinner, or join us next week for Yoga Boot Camp?


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