Kamloops Yoga Fitness Boot Camp Workout

So many great things happen when we get together in the mornings for Kamloops Yoga Boot Camp.

  • We smile at each other, starting the day with good company, and often there are some giggles throughout the class
  • There is time to set intention before we start, centering in and focusing on what is most important for you
  • Carrie and I lead a warm up that feels good and incorporates the best of yoga and fitness
  • There’s always a super-fun, dynamic, and different workout (unless it’s yoga day, and then it’s ALL yoga goodness!)
  • Each class is finished with yoga, so your body feels cared for and you integrate so many benefits of one power-packed hour

Here’s a workout we did last week… Be sure to listen to your body and modify as you need. Not sure what something is? Look below for ideas.

START: Begin with a few minutes to center in, breathe, feel grounded and set your intention.

Then, warm up in whatever way is best for your body.

Here’s the main workout:

Finish with a yoga cool-down. Be sure to stretch your hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, glutes, chest, shoulders and remember to B R E A T H E.

Okay, so this workout might not make total sense to you yet. Here are some ideas to use it in your own home:

Find a length of lawn or sidewalk to do high knees, lunges, and sprints. Run around the block when it says run (or go for a longer run if you’d like).


  • High knees is a bouncing march, or do steam engines crossing opposite elbow to knee as you walk
  • Standing rows uses weights. Good idea to do two weights in one hand if you can, supporting yourself in a lunge and resting one forearm on your front thigh as the other arm does a row (start your lawnmower action)
  • Twisting lunges – do a lunge, bending the back knee deep, and twist from your core keeping everything square to the front from the pelvis down. Use a weight or two in your hands to make it harder.
  • Wide push-ups are with hands AND feet wide.
  • Dips – find a bench or short wall. Sit down with your hands on the surface, fingers facing forwards. Then take your hips and legs away from the wall, bend and straighten your arms. Sort-of like reverse push-ups.
  • Lunge to Warrior III – do a lunge with a straight back leg, then shift your weight to stand on the front leg while lifting the back leg. Arms out or in front (pictured here).
  • Maria press is a wide squat with bicep curl and shoulder press. It used to be named after Arnold, but we changed it.
  • Rainbow planks – go from plank to side plank, to center plank, to side plank, and keep going!
  • Sprints – run as fast as you can (or walk/jog – whatever you can do) for a length of sidewalk or street. Walk back. Repeat.

If you want to do workouts like this with a great teacher and fantastic group, join us for the next session of Kamloops Yoga Boot Camp!

Have fun!

Gratitude to Nat Anfield for the photos (www.studiofive-o.com)

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