Love Your Body ~ This is What We Do in Kamloops Yoga Fitness Boot Camp

First of all, I invite you to sit up tall and take a nice, deep breath as you read this. Feels good doesn’t it?

The theme for the next session of Yoga Boot Camp is “Love Your Body.”

Here are some of the reasons HOW this applies so well to our “Peaceful Warrior Training” program, and WHY it can make all the difference for your health and happiness.

You Want to Love Your Body Because:

1. When you get out of your own way amazing things happen. What I mean by this is, when you can come from a place of not judging yourself and allowing your own unique experience to be fully accepted, the things you want flow much more freely!

2. You get to do it from the inside out. By using your breath, intention, and inner wisdom to initiate all action and change, you not only feel better during the “doing” and “transforming,” but you will be so much more effective at creating what you want. You’ll also get to know yourself better, which is a life skill for sure.

3. Strength is a very good thing! When you love your body and play in a way that creates strength, you’ll feel more capable, have a higher metabolism, support healthy bones and joints, create more stability and happiness in your back and spine, have more energy, and find an inner strength as well!

4. Yoga benefits every single part of your body and life. From the physical systems (circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, musculo-skeletal, reproductive, immune and nervous systems) to the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects, yoga brings balance, harmony, health and happiness to every aspect of your being. Incorporating yoga into your life on a consistent basis is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

5. You get to do it YOUR WAY. Every time you practice yoga, meditation, exercise, or any other mode of self-care, it’s a chance to see where you’re at that day. You re-center yourself, honour your mental and emotional state, find your physical edge and dance there with respect and a joyful feeling of accomplishment!


100% of what you’ve got each day is always enough.

And when you realize that this changes all the time, you can practice in whatever way is most appropriate in each moment. We have all ages and abilities in our classes, which adds to the dynamic of the group and helps everyone reach for their own personal potential.


All of these aspects add up to a whole lot of lovin’!

And when you’re bringing love into your body, heart, and mind, it ripples out to touch your entire life. You feel more alive, more fulfilled, more able to naturally and effortlessly help those around you.

Just the simple energy of you being YOU brings more beauty and happiness to the world, because you are mindful of the beauty and happiness you’re creating in your own life.

You are invited to join us for the next session of Yoga Boot Camp, focusing on loving your body and bringing more lovin’ goodness into every aspect of your life!

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