This workout is designed to get your metabolism up and help you feel beautifully empowered, Kamloops Yoga Boot Camp style!

I did this one this morning. Woke up feeling sluggish, so I knew I needed to get moving. It worked! I feel amazing.

As always, modify and adapt for your body, as it’s your responsibility to know what is safe and appropriate. If you don’t know what an exercise is, choose something else that works for you.

Peaceful Warrior Training – Yoga Fitness Practice

– Center in and set your intention. Take a few deep breaths.

– Warm up with Movement Prep or light stretching.

CARDIO: (30 sec. per exercise)
– Jog in place (arms punch forward for more action)
– Jumping jacks or steam engines
– Butt kicks
– High knees (arms alternate up for more action)
– Cross country skiiers
– Mummy kicks

– Forearm plank (lift opposite arm/leg 30 sec)
– Twisting lunges with bent back knee (10 each side)
– Punches (high, mid, upper cut – super strong core – 30 sec)
– Squat kicks (20)
– Super slow push-ups hold at bottom (3 – 10, as many as you can do in alignment)

POWER: (10 each)
– Bent over rows
– Burpees with weights (no push-up. Modify with squat jumps or squats)
– High knees with weights (arms bent 90* to work biceps)
– Punches across body with weights ( 8 each side – pelvis and CORE SUPER STABLE – modify with seated mason twists)

REPEAT the whole thing (Cardio, Stability, and Power) once more.

– Breathe with arms
– Forward bend with hands clasped behind to open shoulders
– Lunge lifting up to stretch thighs and hip flexors
– Runner’s lunge to stretch hamstrings and calves
– Down dog to plank and cobra, back to down dog
– Warrior II to Goddess Warrior to Triangle
– Pigeon
– Thigh stretch of your choice
– Hamstring hug and twist on back
– Savasana

Yeah! Print ‘er out and get ‘er done. You’ll feel so good!

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