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(Monday March 17th - Thursday April 10th) for Women only in Kamloops,
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2 sessions of Yoga Boot Camp
(Dates: March 17 - April 10 and April 28 - May 23, 2014)
$320 + GST $10
4 Days per week Yoga Boot Camp (Plus Optional Extra Yoga Classes) $200 + GST $12.5
3 Days per week Yoga Boot Camp (You choose the days) $155 + GST $12.92

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"I am LOVING boot camp. You are an AMAZING teacher and I love your approach."

Natalie A.
"I am grateful every day for my decision to sign up!"

- Corrie
"I would recommend this opportunity to every woman I know."

- Jen
"I love boot camp, I can see my abs for the first time since I had my three kids."

- Sasha
"I love Yoga Boot Camp! It changed my life and strengthened me from the inside out. I feel better and stronger every day! I didn't know fitness could be so fun!"

- Elizabeth