Scavenger Hunt Workout (FUN!)

Sunshine Smiles to you!

In the spirit of Summer, this workout is all about fun (just like all our Yoga Boot Camp workouts!).

You can do it in a park or your own neighborhood – pretty much anywhere. Just print it out and put it in your pocket (or memorize the basic idea and make up your own.)


-Take a moment to set your intention and connect with your breath.
– Start with movement prep or a few dynamic stretches and exercises


Dips. Use a bench or curb.

-Walk/Jog/Run to find a long straight area. (sidewalk, strip of grass)
-Twisting Lunges across that area (maybe half a block)
-Walk/Jog/Run to find a curb or bench
-15 Push-ups
-25 Toe Taps on the curb OR 30 Step Ups if it’s a bench (alt legs)
-Walk/Jog/Run to find a flat soft spot (grass)
-25 Bicycle crunches
-20 Jump Squats (or squats)
-Walk/Jog/Run to find a curb or bench
-30 Cross over mtn. climbers
-25 Dips
-Walk/Jog/Run to find a flat soft spot (grass)
-15 Burpees


-Walk/Jog/Run to find an overhead bar (playground)
-Do as many pull-ups as you can, even if it’s only 1 or not even 1.
-You can also do supported pull-ups by using some leg strength
-to help if the bar is low enough.


-Find a grassy area or use your mat to do a yoga practice
-This is a good one: 5 Essential Post-Workout Stretches

Have fun with this one – maybe get a few friends to do it with you, or put on your mp3 player and groove your way from spot to spot. Don’t worry if people in the park or street are looking at you, they’ll probably think what you’re doing looks like a good idea and you might even motivate them to get their workout on!

PLEASE remember to listen to your body and adapt as is best for you.

Have an awesome day and enjoy your workout! Post a comment below if you had fun with it or if you added anything of your own!



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