Simplifying and Sweetening Your Relationship with Food

The following article was written by my friend and fellow yoga teacher, Deandra Tousignant. Deandra has had a personal and transformational journey in her relationship to food and body image. She and I have had long talks about these topics and others, which have shown me how much wisdom and perspective Deandra has to offer.

I hope you discover insight from her thoughts here and in articles to come, and find something you of value that can apply to your own life.

~ Katrina

Create Simplicity in Your Relationship with Food

Recently in yoga class Katrina focused on cultivating simplicity and spaciousness within our lives. This idea of creating simplicity can be applied to varying aspects of our lives, clearing the way for our limitless potential to manifest.

For me, simplifying my relationship with food has been one of the most empowering things I have done for myself.

I spent many years researching nutrition, only to become confused and overly restricted by the contradicting information. After realizing that my relationship with food had become so rigid that it was limiting my ability to feel comfortable and love who I am, I decided to let go of all the rules and look at food simply.

For me I found this simplicity by moving back to the basics. I invite you to think of food this way:

Food is energy, Prana (vital life force).

Yes, some sources are better quality than others, but ultimately you know what fuels your body best. For me, I know that when I eat a diet based on high quality protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, I feel the best.

However, at times for the pure joy of it I choose to eat things that don’t fall into those categories. But the shift in attitude comes from not being hard on yourself for food choices, but by mindfully treating every piece of food you put into your body as a gift.

And no matter what you choose to fuel your body with, it is important to slow down, and enjoy every bit of it. This shift in perspective towards seeing all food as energy helps to clear out the negative feelings and thoughts that can be associated with food choices.

I found that establishing a positive relationship with food in this way was a foundational piece in my transition to a healthier lifestyle. However, the idea of creating simplify in our relationship with food is helpful not only for those of us who struggle with body image issues and patterns of restrictive dieting, but for anyone who would like to move towards eating more mindfully.

Personally, I found by simplifying my relationship with food I was able to create more space in my life for acceptance and compassion.

If you’d like, try on this perspective and relationship with food today by looking at all the food you choose to eat as fuel for your magnificent and beautiful body! Slow down and enjoy every bite. It is amazing how much more you will get out of eating with just a small adjustment in perspective!



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