Spicing up the Kamloops Yoga Fitness Boot Camp

Check out some of the great new (and revisited) things we’re doing next session in Yoga Boot Camp!

~ 80’s Day: Get out your leg warmers and neon, because we’re going to have tons of fun on Monday, September 23! I’ve already got a stellar new music playlist for this class.

~ Optional measurements: During the first and last week of camp you can come 15 min. early or stay after class to step on a scale and use a tape measure to get some physical feedback. It’s important to remember that these are only ONE form of measurements, and it’s WAY more important to keep track of how you feel in your body and the rest of your life.

~ Fit Tests: Each week you’ll have a chance to take note of how you’re doing in physical exercises. First week might be squats and high-knees, second week might be how long you can hold plank. The point is not to compete or judge, simply to show you that you’re getting stronger and increasing your stamina. It’s fun to see that in numbers!

~ YBC Scholarships: If you are a student or a teacher, you receive a 20% discount off the regular price. Also, there are two scholarship opportunities if funds are tight for you and you can trade some time for a 50% discount. Please email me for more info on the scholarship, or for payment info if you qualify for the student/teacher discount. (I have extended this discount to teachers because they are underpaid and SO important, helping to guide the next generation. Also, the scholarships are open to anyone needing financial assistance to make YBC happen.)

Click for more info and Register Today!

What else… Oh yes! Deandra, one of our YBC alumni and a fellow yoga instructor, will be adding her energy to the camp by demo-ing at the front of the class and assisting, which means you’ll receive even more support and individual instruction. Yeah!

If you haven’t already registered, there are still some spaces available and we would LOVE to share this fantastic program with you.

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