Strength On-The-Go

I know it can be rather interesting trying to fit in all the goodness of your busy life and still keep up your core strength and overall stamina, so I’ve put together this list of exercises to give you some ideas you can do on-the-go.

1. Burpees. Hands down one of the best ways to get in a quick workout. Jump squat, step or jump to plank, push-up, step or jump in, repeat. Do 3 sets of 15, or just rock out 20 of these babies and you’ll feel great!

2. Random Push-ups to Capacity. I call them random because I like to do these in random places. Like the middle of a trail on a hike, or in a park, or at a friend’s house when waiting for things to get going. Do as many push-ups as you can in one go. Next week, try again and see if you can do more!

3. Forearm Plank. Yep, you can do these wherever you want. Sun bathing on the dock? Hanging out in front of the fireplace with your grand kids? Toss in a forearm plank on your own or even get a plank contest happening and have fun while you work on your abs.

4. Lunges. These are so great for toning your legs and shaping your butt. They’re great anywhere, especially across the backyard when you’re getting ready for a BBQ, or even do pulsing lunges in place while you wait for your group to get ready for an excursion. You can also do them down the length of a block when you’re out for a walk. Twisting lunges are great to warm up your whole body too (weights optional)!

5. Squats. You can do leap frog jump squats with little ones at family gatherings, wide sumo squats as dance moves at a party, or a stationary squat while you take care of business in the woods (you hike, right?). Wherever you do ’em, squats are an awesome way to keep strengthening your legs while you’re out and about.

Lastly, remember to stretch! Even if you’re not getting on your mat for 30 minutes, a stretch here and there is SO helpful. Stretch your arms and shoulders after push-ups and burpees. Do down dog and cobra after forearm plank, and be sure to give your quads, hamstrings and hips some love after lunges and squats.

I hope these help you have fun and stay strong on the go!

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