Super Sexy Ninja Training at Kamloops Yoga Fitness Boot Camp

Have you ever wanted to be a ninja?

Okay, maybe you’ve just thought it would be cool to have ninja-like reflexes, balance, core stability, flexibility and strength.

But the ninja element is only one part of what we’re talking about here. The other part is “Super-Sexy!”

Isn’t it fun to think of yourself as sexy?

Try it right now for a little self-esteem boosting fun!


Imagine yourself as strong and sexy (not that you aren’t already, but sometimes we forget to acknowledge it!)

What does it feel like for you? Really FEEL yourself as strong and sexy. Take a few deep breaths and get into it.

Do you get a little taller, a bit more sassy and confident?
Do you walk with more swagger or feel more bold and capable?

We all have our inner sexy. When you unleash yours combined with inner and outer strength, doesn’t it feel great?


At our women’s only Kamloops Yoga Fitness Boot Camp, we have days called “Super-Sexy Ninja Training.”

Sure, these days are really fun because you get to go at your own pace, doing the exercises in a dynamic circuit that makes time fly and gives you an awesome workout. But there’s more to it than that.

It’s about building your confidence too, so you can FEEL truly capable and, well, sexy!

I’m excited for the next session of Yoga Boot Camp, especially since we all have more motivation to get our sweat on, with swimsuit and shorts season here. To help, we’re bringing back these fun themed days to bring out the sassy and strong ninja in you! (No previous ninja experience necessary – don’t worry, we’ll guide you.)

Click here to register for camp!

Here’s to the super-sexy in YOU!

Okay, this girl is dressed as a Super-Sexy Ninja Turtle, but hey, costumes can be fun! In fact, that’s why there’s an optional costume day in Yoga Boot Camp. The more giggles, the better. 🙂

Extra points if you know which Ninja Turtle she is. Like and comment below to let me know which one! 🙂

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