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Healthy Coffee Anyone?

Published on September 15, 2012 By Katrina Ariel

Oh, how the world loves coffee. Did you know that, next to oil, coffee is the world’s largest commodity? First of all, if you don’t already drink coffee, don’t start. However, if you DO drink coffee and aren’t planning to quit anytime soon—and let’s face it, this applies to most of the world—then there are […]

Afternoon Pick-Me-Ups: Need An Energy Boost?

Published on July 18, 2011 By Katrina Ariel

In many places, like Mexico for instance, they have a siesta in the afternoon. This is genius, because most of us feel a decrease of energy around mid-day, especially if you were up at 5am to come to Yoga Boot Camp!   But what if your lifestyle (your job for instance) doesn’t allow for such […]

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