Winter Fun – 10 Tips to Get Outside in Kamloops and Play!

What do you do to stay fit and active in the winter?

I’ve gone back and forth with it myself. I used to love the snow. I even lived in ski towns for 10 years, but then went a couple of years trying to skip out on winter all together…

And now, I’m back to loving the snow! Though I don’t always love driving in it.

But when you play outside, it makes the season so much more vibrant, beautiful, and satisfying. Plus it’s a great way to stay healthy, fit, and connected to nature.

So here are some tips to help inspire you to get out there and have fun!

10 Great Tips to Get Outside in Kamloops and PLAY!

1. Gear Up. Layers are your friend. If your body is comfortable, you’re a lot more likely to enjoy being outside even when it’s cold. And if it’s icy, strap some Trax or something similar on your boots. They’re like chains for your shoes, and make walking on slippery surfaces way more safe and confident.

2. Go for a Walk. Even just a brisk stroll in the neighbourhood can be nice this time of year. The fresh air is wonderful!

3. Take a Hike. Peterson Creek, Paul Lake Bluff, McConnell Lake, Kenna Cartwright, Mara Mountain – we’ve got some fantastic trails right here in Kamloops, and limitless choices as you drive a bit further. If it’s deep, bring snowshoes, or get your workout in by tromping through the snow.

4. Slide and Glide. Pick your pleasure… Do you enjoy skiing? Or perhaps snowboarding, cross country skiing, skate skiing, ice skating, or just taking the kids (or very-big-kids-who-haven’t-grown-up) out to a nice hill for some sledding. All of these activities get you out into nature, moving, breathing fresh air, and very likely engaging in a whole lot of smiling!

5. Bring a Friend. Company is wonderful when you’re outside playing. Walking, snowshoeing, sliding – whatever you’re doing, it’s likely to be enhanced by good conversation and laughter. Plus, it’s a good idea to team up when out in winter conditions. That said, I go solo often too, and it can be such a beautiful, quiet time to reflect and give yourself space to be you.

6. Be Prepared. Do you have snacks and water in your pack? An extra layer or way to de-layer if you get too warm? Does someone know where you’re going? Is your water bottle going to freeze? Good things to think about. And a thermos with tea or even just warm water is a great way to stay hydrated while you’re out there playing.

7. See the Beauty. Have you seen the rainbow way snow sparkles in the sunshine? The layers of icicles that make sculptures in creeks and waterfalls? The way the trees hold the snow, or how the wind paints pictures in snow drifts? There is so much beauty, and when you see it, your heart lights up!

8. Stay active inside and out! Personally, I know that I feel more motivated to be active outside when I keep up with my yoga and exercise practice inside. It helps me feel strong, energized, and ready to go play!

9. Adopt a Dog. Only if your lifestyle allows, of course… But, when you’ve got a four legged friend who is over-the-top-thrilled to go outside and play, you’ll find yourself out there more and loving it!

Here’s a photo of my new best friend, and a major reason why I’m outside playing every day and loving it! He was rescued from the SPCA via TRU’s Animal Sciences Program.

Meet my boy, Riley Orion.

10. The Joy of Winter Rest. Oh yes, there is that other wonderful thing about getting outside in the snow and cold… It feels SO GOOD to come back inside, have something warm and cozy up on the couch. Just try to fit in a quick stretch, and treat yourself to a hot bath too!

Happy Winter!

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