Yams, Kale and Lentils (Recipe)

I just wanted share a recipe that I love, and that my body really appreciates. I hope you like it!

Lentil Yam Yum (3 to 4 servings – takes 20 minutes)


– 2 large yams or sweet potatoes

– 1 bunch kale

– 1 dry cup sprouted bean trio from cost-co, OR 2 packages of “Taste Adventure” Curry Lentil Soup from Nature’s Fare.

– Olive oil, sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

If you’re using the organic sprouted bean trio from Cost-co, prepare that according to package instructions. Otherwise start by pealing and cutting yams into approx. 2cm cubes. Put these in a steamer, and let them cook for about 10 minutes, while you de-stem and chop up the kale. (If the stems are fresh, you can add kale stems and cook longer than the greens. If the kale is not super fresh, stems can be too chewy.) Add kale to steamer and cook for an additional 5-7 minutes or so, until kale and yams are tender. If you’re using the Curried Lentil soup packages, prepare according to package instruction (takes only 5 minutes once water is boiled).

When I use the Cost-co sprouted bean trio mix I tend to add half a bouillon cube of veggie stock. Just a suggestion.

Serve into bowls (I like to mix the steamed goodies with the soup, but you can keep them separate if you want) and top with approx. 1 tbsp. olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste.

This is one of my go-to feel-good meals. It’s a great source of plant based protein and fiber, plus kale is one of the most nutrition-packed vegetables you can eat. I find yams are not only super tasty, but are also excellent for the digestive system, and are high in vitamin B6 and potassium.

Eating the olive oil uncooked is a yummy and much healthier way to get the many benefits of olive oil. Olive oil loses its potency when cooked and is not ideal to use for cooking at high temperatures (it can go rancid when heated too high). Coconut oil, however, is a great oil for high temp cooking.

Because this meal includes root vegetables and legumes, and is served with liquid like a soup, it is grounding and an excellent dish to help your body adjust to the change in seasons.

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