YEAH = Yoga + Eating + Active + Happy

Part of my inspiration for "Challenge YEAH" - dancing on the chair and having fun with 13,000 other people who have taken the challenge to change their lives for the better.

Do you like my new acronym? I just made it up. It sums up the things that I need to do on a daily basis for my own personal growth.

I’m writing this blog post because I just got back from Kansas City with 13,000 people and I was blown away by the stories of people changing their lives.

Plus, it was SO MUCH FUN! Really, Visalus events are part party, part personal development, part success training, and awe inspiring because of the stories each person shares – from the founders to the raw beginner!

Thirteen thousand people! And every single one of them have changed their lives by taking on a simple challenge.

(From left: Casey, Eric, Ilia) Eric has lost over 225 lbs on the challenge!!! He says "If I can do it, so can you."

At one point in the weekend there were over 30 people on the stage who have lost over 100 lbs with the Challenge. One man has lost 225 lbs on the Challenge!

Talk about getting your life back!

And because of all these stories, each of them touching and personal and inspiring, each person overcoming their own difficulties—because of these incredible stories something changed in me.

And I’m totally pumped to make a change in my own life. So I’ve come up with my own personal challenge, and I’m calling it Challenge YEAH!

You see, this is my challenge, or more specifically, this is the challenge I’m giving myself. I’m doing a 90 Day Challenge to get in shape and turn my life into the one I want to be living.

“What, aren’t you already there?” You might be asking… No. I’m not.

Just because I’m a yoga and boot camp teacher and usually happy whenever you see me or hear from me, that doesn’t mean I’m always doing the best things for myself. I sometimes fall of track too.

In fact, over the last few months I not only regressed into the crappy self-talk that I often had in my teenage days, but I also gained weight.

And those extra pounds aren’t muscle. I can see them in the mirror and I don’t like it!


It’s time to get back on track! I’m on a YEAH challenge. Here’s my game plan:

For 90 days I am going to do yoga at least 6 days per week (even if it’s only a short practice), exercise at least 3 days per week, eat healthy (and also have one cheat meal per week), and BE HAPPY.

My man, Casey, is also doing a challenge. He’s getting in shape for summer, for the holidays we’ll be taking, and for the music festivals we’ll be visiting to play and dance. I’m with him, I’m just calling mine “Challenge YEAH!”

Casey and I at the party Saturday night. The culture of Visalus is so much fun because it's all about helping people, making the world a better place and empowering yourself! And dancing, of course. 🙂

‘Cause a little excitement is always good, especially when you can make it stand for your focus. (YEAH = Yoga + Eating healthy + being Active + Happy)

It also helps when you have company; someone to do a challenge with you, to hold you accountable as you help them stay on track too. So I’m glad to have Casey on board.

What about you? Want to join me?

Do you have a goal that you could take on for 90 days?

It can be anything; maybe you want to get in shape, lose weight, gain muscle, train for a race, or even learn a new skill (like rock climbing or yoga). Truly, anything you want to do to improve yourself or your life can be your goal.

Choosing to take on a 90 Day Challenge like we’re doing is super helpful because it’s a specific period of time. It’s long enough to make the change habitual and lasting, and short enough that it doesn’t seem overwhelming or impossible.

To be clear, this is about changing yourself by challenging yourself. It’s not about competing—although there are prizes to be won (25 million worth of prizes, actually) that’s not the point. The point is to make a commitment to yourself and take action to make it happen.

So what health or fitness goal do you have for yourself?

Why? What are the reasons why your goal is important to you?

Maybe you want to look sexy for summer.

Why do you want that? I could be because of the self-confidence you feel when you’re fit. It could be because you want to feel sexy for your significant other. It could be because you want to look and feel your best on a vacation.

Maybe you want to get fit to be healthy.

Well, why do you want that? Do you want to be able to keep up with your kids, to be there for your family for years down the road because you’re taking care of your body, or because you want to enjoy life more fully? Maybe you’re training for a run or specific event that you want to be able to do well in because you’re strong and healthy.

Maybe you want to lose weight.

Well, why do you want that? Some of the motivations that I heard this past weekend in Kansas were these:

This is an older photo, but I saw this woman on stage and you'd barely recognize her because she has continued her challenge and keeps reaching and setting new goals. She said she was always too big for the rides at Disneyland, and now she can ride them with her kids.

“I wanted my kids to be proud of me, and they are – my daughter shows me off now! Before she couldn’t even give me a proper hug. We just went to Disneyland and I was able to go on rides I was too big to ride before. This has totally changed my life!” (This from a woman who lost over 100 lbs on the challenge).

“I was depressed, lethargic, and a heart attack waiting to happen. I was embarrassed to walk down the beach with my wife because I was the fat guy people looked at and thought ‘what’s she doing with him?’ Now I have tons of energy, I’m healthy, and my wife thinks I’m sexy!”

“I did this to take my life back!”

What’s your why? It’s important, because when you’re really passionate about WHY you’re doing something, you follow through and make your goals happen!

In the end, it feels incredible (both the journey and the finish) because you’re becoming who you want to be.

So… Are you up for the challenge?

Do you want to make a change in your life for the better?

Do you have a health or fitness goal that you want to make happen?

Do you want more freedom in your life?

Do you want some company to inspire you and help you stay on track?

Yes? Well, we’d love to tell you about the 90 day Challenge and why it’s helped over a million people so far to literally change their lives.

Just click here to watch a video about the challenge and be sure to fill out the short form next to the video.


Because you deserve to make the changes you want in your life, and this is a proven path to success!

Because Casey and I have dedicated our lives to helping people, and this is one of the best ways we know how to help.

Because you might as well check it out and see what it’s all about. 🙂

Once you fill out the form we’ll give you a call and answer any questions you have.

Transparancy: Casey and I promote the Body By Vi Challenge because . . .

Anyone can make a transformation in their body and life. It's a matter of committing to it, having a system and following through. Having support and a community increases your chances of success!

– The program is simple, affordable, easy, it works, and more than 1,000,000 people have taken the challenge.

– To date people have lost over 7 million pounds on the Body Bi Vi Challenge.

– We have a huge community of people we have personally helped on the 90 Day Challenge, who are getting incredible results!

– This company has more integrity and higher ethical standards than any other company I have ever found. Their philosophy aligns with the philosophy I teach in yoga. They are in it to change the obesity epidemic and help people overcome the recession in a big way. Not only are people taking their lives back with the health and fitness challenge, but promoters have gone from worse-than-broke to straight-up-rich, all by helping one person at a time to make a change for the better in their lives.

– The products are backed by serious science. The whey protein is lactose free and Kosher. The soy is NON GMO and the phyto-estrogens are safely removed, which makes this a safe and beneficial source of soy protein. The nutrition is complete, and they keep the price low so the products are accessible to any budget because you’re literally getting a meal for less than you’d spend if you made it at home.

– The Visalus culture is fun, supportive, open to anyone, and all about making the world a better place. Their program which donates to food banks, for instance, has provided over 1,000,000 meals to children and adults in need. The directors of the food banks love the Visalus shakes and cookies because they are generally the most nutritious food on the shelves of the food banks!

– Lastly, we promote this Challenge because we’re on it, love it, and want the best for you, your family, and your life.

So, if you want to know more, simply click here to watch a video about the challenge and be sure to fill out the short form next to the video.

We’ll give you a call and answer any questions you have.

You can also call Casey at 778-257-1703.

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