Yoga Boot Camp VIP Program

Want to be a VIP?

It’s a great incentive for you to stay consistent with your fitness routine.

To be truly healthy it’s important to commit to a consistent fitness and nutrition lifestyle. Our goal is to help you do that, and have a whole lot of fun in the process.

Our new VIP program rewards you for coming to multiple Yoga Boot Camp sessions, encouraging you to keep up this empowering practice.

“Go Three, Get One Free”

Here’s How It Works:

When you do three 5 day boot camp programs in a row, we’ll give you the next camp entirely free of charge.

That’s a savings of over $230, or even more if you miss the Early Bird savings.

Dates of the upcoming Spring 2011 boot camps:

Feb 14th – Mar 10th (Current camp)
Mar 21st – Apr 14th
May 2nd – May 26th
June 6th – June 30th

Register Today for Yoga Boot Camp savings.

Get in awesome shape, receive encouragement and support, and save hundreds of dollars by becoming a Yoga Boot Camp VIP.

Fine Print:  This promotion is subject to change, and no refunds will be given for the free camp. The free camp is not transferrable, and is only valid for the camp following the three 5 day camps in a row.

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