Yoga, Fitness, Health and Happiness: What’s Your Vision?

I bet you have an idea of what your perfect life would look and feel like. You probably know what you want for your physical body, as well as how you want to feel emotionally and mentally. 

You might do yoga, work out, and eat healthy because of this idea you have of how you want to look and feel.

But how often do you bring this intention to mind and heart?

Do you set intention and bring your vision to life every day like we do in the Kamloops Yoga Fitness Boot Camp program?

If so, great!

If not, how about starting right now?

You’ve heard the classic (and very true) statement, “Thoughts become things,” right?

What thoughts are you choosing to think about yourself? How are you bringing your vision of health and happiness to life?

Visualization Tips for Health and Happiness:

1) Visualize every day. Just a few minutes will do. You don’t need more than five minutes, instead, make it a potent and short period of time.

2) Do what works for you. Some people see images in their mind, some work with words. Feelings are the most powerful, so be sure to FEEL what you’re creating as best you can.

3) Think about what you DO want, not what you DON’T want in your life. Whatever you focus on is what you create more fully in your life, so be sure to build your vision of health around the elements you are inviting, such as happiness, strength, flow, gratitude, and so on.

If there are things you don’t want in your life right now, willingly release them in your mind with a few deep breaths, then get on with thinking about what you do want to create as if it were already your experience.

4) Write it down. Start with the words “I AM,” and then paint the picture you are creating for your own vision of health and happiness. Once you have this intention in writing, post it somewhere you’ll see it every day. Like on your refrigerator or by your computer. Vision boards are great as well!

5) Take action! Even just a few baby steps every day add up to a collective effort over time. What will help you create your vision in reality? Can you do just 10 minutes of yoga every day? Can you incorporate some element of fitness into your daily routine? What about the way you eat – not just what you eat but the mindfulness you bring as well? Baby steps add up. Acknowledge every effort as worthwhile.

And every time you envision the life you want to live, you’ll be that much more likely to act in ways that align with that vision!

Happy manifesting!

P.S. How about starting right now? Just 2 minutes of focused thought in the direction of your dreams . . .

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